The on and off-ramps at Fremont Avenue are impacted by current conditions.

Map of Fremont Ave Interchange


  • During peak hours, vehicles exiting the Fremont ramps back up onto the freeway, causing delays on I-10.
  • Traffic entering the I-10 doesn’t have enough room to accelerate to freeway speeds because the ramps are too short. This forces freeway traffic to slow down to allow for entering vehicles.
  • The traffic signal at the end of a short ramp causes traffic to build up rapidly, forcing cars to back onto the freeway.
  • The tight curves on the interchange ramps cause traffic to slow down, further adding to the congestion.
  • Backup from nearby major cross streets make it difficult to turn onto Fremont from the off ramp. Having traffic signals so close to the interchange causes traffic on Fremont to back up and block the ramp.

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