The 710 north of the 10 is referred to as the 710 Stub and dead ends at Valley Boulevard.

Map of I-710N freeway stub


  • Congestion on eastbound I-10 encourages through-traffic to use the 710 stub as a shortcut.
  • Some Fremont Ave.-bound traffic bypasses the backup by using I-710 northbound to Valley Blvd. This creates cut-through traffic through Alhambra’s residential neighborhoods.
  • Cars entering eastbound I-10 from northbound 710 cross with traffic exiting onto the Fremont off ramp. This crossing movement causes backups on I-10.
  • The configuration of the 710 stub as a 6-lane freeway introduces high-speed traffic immediately adjacent to Alhambra neighborhoods, creating noise impacts on residents.
  • The design of the signalized intersection at the end of the 710 stub results in congestion on Valley Blvd.

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